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Can't Do It Without 'Em



The Boys In The Band

John, Felix & Vernon have been playing with me since Day One.  Six years & counting together.  Hire them, and see why I got so lucky when I called them:

John Caldéron
MySpace Blog

Felix Luna  

Vernon Daniels  

Terry Davidson and the good folks at Sound Events handle all the big hardware for our big gigs.  You need a spankin' PA?  Give 'em a shout.

Indispensable Links

Metronome Online
:  You got an internet connection?  You got a metronome, 24/7.  Very handy.  

The Fake Book Index:  Let your database do the walkin'.  Find the music you need, instantly.  Huge time saver.

Lyrics World:  A stunningly complete collection of lyrics, based in Brazil.

Speakeasy Speed Test:  How's your internet connection?  Don't guess, know.  Today's results:  4623 kbps Up, 355 Down.



Alex Rodriguez & AROD Web Solutions gave the website a brand new sheen, and brought it up to the 21st Century.  He also designed and produced my business cards!

Matthew Mullenweg designed the original incarnation of the site, and continues to be the gracious host.

Thoa Doan
designed and produced my fantastic promo materials.  She's done stuff for Candy Summers & Phoebe Taylor as well.  And her husband is a mean piano player.

Jonathon Theriot (in Stereo!) does my CD duplication stuff.  Great work at a great price!

Houston Musician Links

Jazz Houston

Warren Sneed

David Caceres

Woody Witt

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